Eamon Hoey is an inspiring and engrossing speaker. He is a well-known authority on Change Leadership, Corporate Transformation, Change Management, Cultural Alignment, and the effects of Change on an organization’s Business Strategy. Eamon has a unique ability to identify and provide a simple explanation of how change is shaping a new era creating a need for newly conceived strategic imperatives. For business, not for profits, and government these imperatives include:

  • craft and execute a bold and creative business strategy which responds to change and an emerging era of growth and wealth creation
  • build learning organizations which tap the potential of their people to harness change and create opportunity
  • encourage and promote innovation and values that support entrepreneurship
  • capitalize on the organization’s internal change drivers
  • adapt to the changing attitudes towards work and careers
  • create a technology intensive organization
  • actively engage the leadership in the organization’s transformation
  • align strategy and culture

Speaking Topics:

  • A Turning Point in Business History
  • Crafting and Executing Business Strategy For the New Era
  • Transforming the Organization to Make It Era Ready
  • Aligning New Era Culture and Strategy
  • Creating Learning Organizations
  • Your Transformational Change Leadership Matters!

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